The wild blackthorn, Prunus Spinosa, is an antique shrub plant common in all Europe. Over its long history, it has become commonly known as wild sloe. Its blue-velvet berries are sought-after for its impressive therapeutic virtues.

As well as delighting the palate, the blackthorn's fleshy and sour berries contain important beneficial properties: not only are they diuretic and so naturally purifying, but they can also be used to soothe and alleviate various pains and ailments. The blackthorn fruit contain useful anti-oxidants which strengthen the immune system, blocking free radicals, oxidation and cellular ageing.

Furthermore, recent studies have revealed that wild blackthorn berries perform important nutraceutical functions including anti-tumour activities.

After having decorated the landscape and roadsides of the Marche region's countryside with its pretty white blossom in the month of April, the production of Prunello starts in the first months of autumn, when the wild blackthorn berries are ripe.
These blue-violet coloured berries are harvested by hand and steeped in a local red wine (Montepulciano and Sangiovese) which was produced the previous year. After a long infusion and months of being left to age, Prunello is born!

Prunello is faded red in colour with a fruity bouquet. With age it adopts more complex notes and a delicate hint of balsamic. A fruity sweet wine with a dry and pleasantly tannic aftertaste. Prunello has an unmistakeable aroma and a delightful nose, its distinctive tannic taste matches perfectly with chocolate.

Excellent also as a meditative wine.

Prunello has an alcoholic content of 13.5%

Recommended serving temperature of 10-12° C.